Jongup 「문종업」, he of BAP fame and abs fame, so young and dumb and full of cum, he is a boy I desire. Is he hot or what? Oh, man oh man… I so want to kiss him and suck his dick and make him my baby. To be honest, I would slip my erm… hardened male appendage deeply into his warm, moist back-hole if he so desired. (Was that way too dirty??) However, being a middle-aged white dude, I dunno… He’s probably got other options besides my wrinkled old cock. And, you know, that’s natural. ^^

Honestly, I’m not so into abs, and I’m not so into BAP. But I want him. I don’t mind saying: I desire Jongup.

Serious, though. If he and I had an opportunity to spend the day together in private, I could entertain him and he would feel loved.

(Godsh, I’m such a girl at heart, aren’t I? Really, I’m like a teen girl in a middle-aged man’s body.)

Check him out in these YouTube clips:

I leave you with

And my source for the wider shot…

Okay, am I the best tumblogger? I ask you… Am I?